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Americans are among the people who move the most during a lifetime. From the variety of states that have to choose from, Texas stands as a good choice for those seeking a fresh start, with its strong economy and warm, welcoming culture. San Antonio is particularly appealing to people from all around the country. For newcomers, finding the top San Antonio suburbs becomes a journey to discover not just a place to live but a community to belong to. As the representatives of the moving company in San Antonio, we understand the city’s allure, but also the challenges of relocating. Our goal is to guide you through these suburbs, showing you where you can find not just a place to live but a home.

San Antonio is a city of opportunities and challenges

San Antonio is well known all across the USA. The city has a diverse economy with a 2024 median household income of approximately $60,000, according to Niche. This figure highlights the economic stability that attracts professionals and families alike. The city’s job market is buoyed by major employers in the healthcare, technology, and education sectors. For instance, the South Texas Medical Center, employing over 30,000 individuals, is a healthcare and research hub. In the tech sector, companies like Rackspace Hosting have put San Antonio on the map for information technology services. Additionally, the city’s commitment to education is evident in its public schools, overseen by the San Antonio Independent School District, which serves approximately 50,000 students across 90 schools, emphasizing the city’s focus on educational excellence.

Picture of an iconic building in San Antonio
San Antonio is appealing to people from all over the state and country

However, the cost of living in San Antonio, while lower than many other large cities in the United States, has its nuances. For example, the average rent for an apartment in San Antonio was around $1,700 per month, a figure that has been steadily climbing. Utilities, averaging about $200 per month for a standard household, combined with daily expenses, reflect the city’s growing economic demands on residents. These numbers highlight the challenges faced by those living in the urban core, where the cost of living can stretch budgets and influence lifestyle choices.

The shift to suburban living

Then, the world changed. The onset of COVID-19 made many reevaluate their living situations. Suddenly, the cramped spaces and fast pace of city life lost their appeal for some. People began seeking alternatives, turning their eyes to the suburbs. The suburbs offer what the city sometimes cannot – more space, peace, and a sense of community, all at a lower cost of living. This trend isn’t just about finding a place to live; it’s about rediscovering a way to live. In the top San Antonio suburbs, families find room to grow, professionals find a calm place to work from home, and everyone enjoys a bit more peace.

What are the top San Antonio suburbs?

Finding the ideal place to settle down is a big decision, and for many, the top San Antonio suburbs offer the perfect balance between city conveniences and suburban tranquility. Each suburb has its unique feel, making it crucial to consider what matters most to you in a neighborhood. Let’s take a closer look at what each of these places has to offer, ensuring you find a suburb that feels like home.

Picture of a dog on the streets of one of the top San Antonio suburbs
There are more than 30 suburbs in San Antonio


Converse is a desirable location for newcomers for several reasons, from its affordability to its proximity to San Antonio and natural attractions. Here are the specifics:

  • Proximity to San Antonio: Converse is approximately 15 miles northeast of downtown San Antonio, translating to about a 20-minute drive under normal traffic conditions. But don’t expect to get to your destination as fast as our movers Converse TX got to your new home – it takes time to learn the streets and traffic patterns.
  • Housing affordability: The median home price in Converse, as of the latest data, is around $256,000. This is significantly lower than the national average, making it an attractive option for first-time homebuyers and families looking for affordable housing.
  • Rental market: For renters, the average monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Converse is approximately $1,700, which is similar to the prices in San Antonio.
  • Nature and recreation: Converse is home to several parks and natural areas, including Converse North Park and Converse City Park. These areas provide ample opportunities for outdoor activities, from playgrounds for children to walking trails and sports facilities.
  • Local amenities: The town has a variety of essential and convenient amenities, including grocery stores like H-E-B and Walmart, as well as local dining and shopping options. This ensures residents do not have to travel far for daily necessities.
  • Community feel: Converse maintains a strong sense of community, with numerous local events and activities that bring residents together. From seasonal festivals to sports leagues, there are plenty of opportunities for residents to engage with their neighbors.
  • Education: Judson Independent School District serves the area and includes several highly rated schools. This makes Converse a good choice for families concerned about education.
Picture of a happy person driving his car to one of the top San Antonio suburbs
Converse is one of the most affordable suburbs


Next on our list is Helotes, a suburb known for its scenic landscapes and family-friendly atmosphere. Nestled in the Texas Hill Country, Helotes offers breathtaking views and a tranquil setting that appeals to those looking for a quieter life. The community is tight-knit, hosting regular events that bring neighbors together, from outdoor concerts to local farmers’ markets. These gatherings not only provide fun for the whole family but also strengthen the bonds between residents, creating a welcoming environment for newcomers.

Picture of a man and a kid
The suburbs are usually appealing to families

The cost of living in Helotes is slightly higher than in some other suburbs. Still, many decide to hire movers Helotes TX and relocate here because this reflects the quality of life and amenities available. However, when compared to city living, many find it offers more value for their money. The average home price of $464,000 makes the cost of housing close to the national average. The cost of groceries and other essentials remains competitive, though. For those commuting to San Antonio, various transportation options make the journey manageable, ensuring you can enjoy the tranquility of Helotes without feeling disconnected from city life.

Olmos Park

Olmos Park is another one of the top San Antonio suburbs that is serviced by our professional and friendly movers Olmos Park TX. Undoubtedly, there are many benefits of relocating to this suburb:

  • Location and proximity: Olmos Park is situated approximately 4 miles north of downtown San Antonio, making it an ideal location for those who want to be close to the city’s core while living in a quieter neighborhood.
  • Housing and real estate: As of the most recent data, the median home price in Olmos Park is around $940,000, reflecting the suburb’s exclusivity and the quality of the homes available. This price point is significantly higher than the median home price in San Antonio overall, indicating the luxury status of the community.
  • Safety and community: Olmos Park is known for its low crime rates compared to national averages, contributing to its reputation as a safe and secure place to live. The Olmos Park Police Department actively engages with the community, enhancing the sense of security among residents.
  • Amenities and lifestyle: The suburb boasts a variety of amenities, including upscale restaurants, boutique shops, and well-maintained parks such as Olmos Basin Park. These contribute to the high quality of life enjoyed by residents, blending convenience with luxury.
  • Population and demographics: Olmos Park has a small-town feel with a population of approximately 2,100 people. The community is diverse in terms of age and background but with a significant proportion of families and professionals calling it home.
  • Transportation: The suburb offers convenient access to major highways and thoroughfares, making commuting to downtown San Antonio or other areas straightforward for residents. Public transportation options are also available, providing an alternative to driving.

Terrell Hills

Terrell Hills is a standout suburb of San Antonio known for its high standard of living and affluent community. This area is distinguished by its real estate market, where the median home price stands at approximately $843,000, signaling its status as a premium residential locale. The housing options range from apartments to spacious single-family homes – all within the range of options that our movers Terrell Hills TX can help you move to. The population of Terrell Hills is around 5,000 residents, creating a close-knit community atmosphere where people often know each other by name.

Education is a top priority, with local schools such as Alamo Heights ISD serving the area, being recognized for excellence, and achieving high ratings for academic performance and college readiness. The average commute time for residents working in downtown San Antonio is about 15 to 20 minutes, making it a convenient option for professionals seeking a suburban lifestyle without a lengthy commute.

Picture of a table at a nice restaurant
Additionally, in Terrell Hills, you can find some of the best restaurants in the area

In terms of amenities, Terrell Hills has several parks and green spaces, providing residents with ample opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation. Additionally, the suburb offers a variety of dining and shopping options, from local boutiques to high-end restaurants, catering to the refined tastes of its residents. Safety is another notable feature, with Terrell Hills often cited as one of the safer suburbs in the San Antonio area, thanks to its low crime rates. This aspect further enhances its appeal to families and individuals seeking a secure and peaceful living environment.

Alamo Heights

Alamo Heights is a suburb with deep historical roots established in 1922. Located about 5 miles north of downtown San Antonio, it has a population of nearly 7,500. The area is famous for its excellent education system, with the Alamo Heights Independent School District consistently ranking among Texas’s top performers.

Housing in Alamo Heights ranges widely, with a median home value of around $700,000, reflecting its diverse architectural styles, from historic homes to contemporary residences. This economic stability supports a thriving local scene of boutique shops and cafes. A notable historical landmark is the Alamo Quarry Market, a transformed cement factory that now serves as a shopping and entertainment complex, symbolizing the suburb’s ability to harmonize its rich history with modern amenities. If you want to get to enjoy a nice day out shopping after your move, leave unpacking to our movers Alamo Heights TX – they will do it faster and you can focus on exploring your new neighborhood.

Castle Hills

Castle Hills, a charming enclave in San Antonio, offers a peaceful suburban atmosphere with convenient access to city amenities. Its tree-lined streets and friendly community attract many residents.

  • Population: Approximately 4,000 residents, but growing every day thanks to our movers Castle Hills TX who service the area.
  • Location: Just 12 miles north of downtown San Antonio, allowing for a commute of about 15-20 minutes in moderate traffic.
  • Education: Served by the North East Independent School District, with local schools like Castle Hills Elementary highly rated for excellence.
  • Housing market: The average home price is around $446,000, offering a range of options from mid-century modern homes to newer constructions. On the other hand, rent only costs $1,000, making it a viable option for renters.
  • Local amenities: Over 10 parks and recreational areas within a 5-mile radius, promoting outdoor activities and community events. A variety of shopping and dining options within Castle Hills, including local favorites and national chains.

Shavano Park

Lastly, Shavano Park seamlessly combines upscale living with practicality, positioned just 12 miles north of San Antonio’s center. This suburb has a median home price of approximately $921,000, reflecting its luxury market and high-quality living standards. With a population of around 3,500, Shavano Park maintains a low-density feel, allowing for spacious lots and privacy.

Picture of a person that is enjoying the backyard of his suburban home
In this suburb, you get the best of both worlds

The average commute time for residents working in San Antonio is about 20-25 minutes, offering a swift connection to the city’s diverse employment opportunities. Additionally, Shavano Park’s crime rate is significantly lower than the national average, underlining the community’s emphasis on safety and security. This combination of features makes Shavano Park an ideal locale for those seeking a serene lifestyle with convenient city access. All you have to do is contact our movers Shavano Park TX to make this top San Antonio suburb your home!

Which one of the top San Antonio suburbs are you choosing?

As you can see, the list of top San Antonio suburbs is rather long. You have plenty of options to choose from, and it will all depend on your unique needs. Because of this we always advise readers to decide what they want first, and then research their new neighborhood thoroughly. We wish you success, fun, and peace of mind during your move!



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